It seems every name tag, no name_Fotorwhere we go Name Badges are the norm. We go into the convenient store and the clerk has  company shirt and a name badge.  Go into the supermarket and employees are easily identified by their smock and name tag.  Doctors wear there name badge proudly. Yet in the church we hesitate to require people to wear a name badge for some reason. I hear things like “well everybody knows who I am” or ” I have been at this church my whole life”.   Here are five great reasons you might consider requiring or at least suggesting your team wear a name badge.

It helps create a team Identity.  Sports teams admit that the bigger reason for a team jersey isn’t just so the team players can be identified while on the field but to create an identity among the players.  Experts agree that when a person wears a team uniform, it gives that person identity as being part of something greater than themselves. When you see someone else wearing the same badge or shirt, you feel a sense of belonging. A feeling of community.  Companies spend millions of dollars creating, purchasing, and distributing uniforms, badges, etc. When your in kidmin, its important to realize your not in this alone. There is a larger team, a larger vision and together we can do what God has called us to do.

It helps others learn your name.  A simple yet common problem among people is we simply can’t recall the names of other people. Sure people you are close to, or you interact with on a daily basis but what about the child or parent who only attend church once or twice per month and their time with you is limited. Its important for them to know your name, but most will not ask you what your name is out of embarrassment.   As a small group leader, game time, Awana Leader your  name tag serves a practical purpose for those you lead and well as other leaders, parents, and staff.

Helps others quickly identify who is “On Duty”.  In a church setting there are lots of adults in the halls, dropping off kids at class rooms etc.  When you wear a badge it helps parents and kids know who is in charge, who they can ask for help. There is nothing more frustrating to a guest than needing to ask a question and can’t identify who to ask.  When you identify yourself as a volunteer it gives people permission to ask you questions concerning the church, kids program, where to go etc.

Your Legit.  Your name badge should communicate that you are an approved Kidmin volunteer. Approved means, you have undergone a background check, interviewed, and approved by the Staff to serve in a children’s area. Its just where we live life these days and to a guest this speaks volumes that they are leaving their children in the care of people who take these things seriously.

Safety and Security. As the security makes the rounds those who are wearing the badge are legitimately supposed to be in the children’s area.  It allows security personal to quickly identify who is supposed to be in the area and who is not.  If a person is wondering in the kids wing, it give the security team a reason to ask the question. “Who are you and how can I help you?”  It doesn’t always suggest that someone in the kids wing without a badge is there for inappropriate reasons, it may just communicate that the person is not aware where to go or perhaps they are looking for their child.

Many of the child check in systems will print volunteer badges or you can make your own.  Online companies like Staples has all the supplies you need or you can design your own and order them online. I have used Karen Kauffman with KKaufman Design and then ordered my custom PVC cards from Plastic Card Monster. If you order a customer designed PVC Card, just order them with a matt finish on both sides so they can be written on with a sharpie.

There are many other benefits to have volunteer badges in the church. What are some benefits you have seen from badges in the kidmin setting?  I would love to hear your comments.