Wow, I started out 2016 with tons of plans in mind. I was going to blog  every week, take all my vacation days, invest into my volunteers, be intentional about taking kids to a deeper spiritual level.  I did everything right on the front end. I prayed and sought the Lord. I put together strategies to accomplish all these things. I followed Michael Hyatt‘s book “Living Forward”  and even put together an hour by hour calendar to keep things settled.  Now I look back on the year, I’ve barley written any blogs, I still have vacation days left, I didn’t invest as much as I thought I would into my volunteers.   So I think to myself  ” what happened, where did I go wrong? ”   As I consider all I didn’t accomplish this year, The Lord has reminded me of all the things I have accomplished.

You see as the days and weeks go by our priorities shift. Things come up and we have to make different decisions. I didn’t get to write as much as I wanted, but I am now writing all of our kids small group content, something I never planned for but God and my Senior Pastor decided it was time, and what a blessing it has been. Through this task, I have been stretched more than ever and found myself digging deeper into God’s Word than I have in some time. I didn’t get to take all my vacation days but I went on some mission trips that I didn’t have scheduled and I can’t imagine the eternal benefits.  My point is that we don’t always accomplish everything we set out to accomplish and that’s OK. Sometimes God changes our priorities.

So remember this when you begin to make your 2017 strategies and make your goals just remember to be open to fact that your priorities are likely to shift and that’s OK.

What are some things you accomplished this year that was not in your initial plan? I would love to hear from you.


Billy Redd

Children and Family Pastor

Mars Hill Baptist Church