In today’s world things are constantly changing. The way we reach people is very different now then it was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, and even 5 years ago.  Social Media is a great tool to reach people where they are at.  We can leverage social media to establish a relationship with someone, get to know others better, encourage them, inspire them, and give them real-time information.   So why Social media?  Here are a few stats.

Facebook currently has over 1Billion users. Yes I said billion with a B. Twitter currently has over 307 million users and Instagram has over 100 million..  Social media is where people get their news, have conversations, are entertained, sell things, buy things, and it all includes personal photo albums. With social media you and I can literally have 10 conversations going on all at the same time.

So we are convinced we can use Social media in our ministry but how?  First we will cover a few nuts and bolts.   Here are a few steps you can follow to get started. You may have already completed a few steps or all, if so that’s ok, just bear with me.


  1. Set up personal social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  2. Set up a Facebook Fan page for your ministry or Church
  3. Set up a Facebook group for your Ministry Volunteers. (this should be a private closed group)
  4. Set up a Social Media Scheduling account with Hootsuite or Buffer.

Once you have these completed, make sure all information is correct and complete. You can add cover photos and start inviting people to “Like” the fan page and adding your volunteers your group.

So now that you have everything set up what kind of content should you share on a regular basis from you Ministry Page? Here are 4 categories of Content and their explanation.

  1. Informational. Informational content is content that give your audience relevant information. This could be basic information about your church, services, programs, links to online resources, etc.
  2. Conversational.  Conversational content is content that is meant to engage your audience in a conversation. This can be done by asking questions such as “How can I pray for you?” , What is your favorite ice cream?  What do you like most about XYZ Church?,  What is your favorite worship song? Etc..
  3. Inspirational. Inspirational content is ment to inspire your audience. You can accomplish this by sharing scripture, quotes from well know authors or figures, links to Worship Videos or short messages.
  4. Promotional. Promotional content is content that is promoting an event, a speaker, or something you are trying to get people to attend. Its is best to create some type of graphic for this.

A healthy mix of content looks like this.





So how can we really leverage social media, because so far we just created a billboard? Social media is much more powerful when we really use it for its intended use. To Be Social! When we began to really reach people where they are at, then we can leverage it for growth, strength, and impact.  All of the following information should mostly be done from your personal accounts.

  1. Engage– We must engage people. As a minister of the Gospel we have to engage others. We can do this simply by commenting on people’s post, sending them an encouraging message, or sending them links to other online content that would be valuable to them.
  2. Invest- (pour Value)  Invest in people. Find ways to serve them. Pray for them, share their content or post, Make a public mention about them that cast them in a positive light.  Don’t make the content of social media all about yourself or your ministry.
  3. Have conversations. To strengthen a relationship online at this stage you must interact with others. Be smart with your time and wise. If you’re wanting to grow families, then reach out to parents who have kids, if you’re needing help then reach out to people who would be a prospect. Use the time to cultivate rapport with those people.  Ask them questions in the comment field about things they have posted.
  4. Leverage. Once you have invested time and energy into others then you can leverage that relationship for the ask. This is when you can invite them to an event at church, ask them to volunteer, ask them to share your content etc.  Most people make the mistake of going straight to the Leverage stage without spending time in the other 3 and it rarely ever works in their favor.

So here is a quick To Do list to get started in this.

  1. Send 5 friends request in Facebook or follow 5 local people.
  2. Comment something positive on someone elses post.
  3. Make a public mention of someone that  cast them in a positive light.
  4. Ask someone a question based upon their most recent post.

Additional resources.

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Long Hollow Baptist Church (preshool ministry Page)

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Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I will be glad to help you anyway I can.

Billy Redd

Family Pastor at Mars Hill Baptist Church