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4 Ways to Keep Yourself from getting Spiritually Dry.

If you serve kids or lead others who serve kids every week it can be very easy to become spiritually dry.  For many, you can’t remember the last time you actually attended a service without being on duty. As KidMin… Continue Reading →

A few ideas for your Easter Egg Hunt

In years past, we had the traditional Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter Sunday. We planned for 30-40 kids, shared a quick Easter story and let them head outside for eggs. About 3 years ago my team and I… Continue Reading →

Partnering with Schools

Great ideas here from Jason.

1. Understand that its more about church culture than it is about fancy recruiting methods

5 books that will help you to be a better Children’s Pastor

I am learning, in order to become better at what you do, you have to be intentional to educate yourself continually. I have never been much of a reader. My attention span is short so I very rarely finish a book…. Continue Reading →

This month at Mars Hill Baptist Church we are inviting Parents to join their 1st-6th Graders to Prayz Kidz.   We want parents and grandparents to pick one Sunday this month to come alongside their child or grandchild as they worship… Continue Reading →

3 Things you can do to Ease the Pain of your PreSchool Ministry.

We all know that Preschool Ministry is not for the weak at heart.   Truly a ministry that requires supernatural strength, supernatural patience, and supernatural wisdom.   Its more like herding Cats I think.  I am just thankful that we have faithful… Continue Reading →

5 ways Children’s Pastors can Partner with Schools.

I was a bi-vocational Children’s Pastor for a few years and I always wished I could somehow get into schools, where the kids were at.  Obviously, working a full-time secular job didn’t afford me the opportunity to do anything even… Continue Reading →

A Reveiw of CPC East in 3, 2, and 1.

This was my first year to attend a CPC conference.  As I get back into the office this Monday morning I wanted to share the things that had the largest impact on my conference experience. I chose to highlight the… Continue Reading →

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