Just a rant:

Bible-on-a-pulpit_360_240_90_FotorWe often hear pastors, preachers, and teachers make the statement “I have been called to preach”.  A quick internet search will help you to figure out if you have been called and what the calling will look like, sound like, and even feel like. Often when people make this statement its as if there is no other choice for their lives. That God would never bless any other option. If they didn’t fulfill the call they would be in direct disobedience to God. Some would speak this in Sack-cloth and ashes and with a “woe is me” attitude.   Having this perspective, I believe, could be thinking too highly of ourselves. Let me explain:

What if your perspective when from “Ive been called” to “I have been given an opportunity”?  The first perspective is that you are so valuable the God says “He must be my mouthpiece” to the later which says “I get to be God’s mouthpiece”  When I think of my vocation or service to God as more of a great opportunity He has extended to me rather than “He called, so I must” I believe we will begin to experience the joy that comes from serving Him and His church. Even when things are tough and you are tired, there will be undeniable joy to serving, not because you have to, but because you get to. Think about the great opportunity He has given to you, to impact, influence, lead, and guide kids and adults as you follow Him. Then there is always the rewards to those who serve God.  So in the future, instead of telling yourself and others you’ve been “Called” change your language to “I have been given the greatest opportunity”